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UHS is not just a retail space; it's a living showcase. Explore our various displays featuring different hydroponic systems, a flourishing seasonal organic garden, and an enchanting houseplant collection. Let these vibrant setups inspire your newest growing dream. Come, immerse yourself in the world of Urban Horticulture Supply, where expertise meets inspiration. Your journey to a greener, more vibrant space starts here!
UHS is a retail store, an educational resource center, and a place to gather and connect with the community.

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Discover a full blown growing wonderland at Urban Horticulture Supply (UHS). Our knowledgeable staff is here to guide you through our fully stocked store, ensuring you find everything you need for your gardening endeavors. Enjoy bulk pricing options for larger projects and elevate your skills with our engaging events and classes. At UHS, it's not just about shopping; it's about cultivating a community of passionate gardeners. Explore our services and let your gardening journey flourish with us!
Find out more about growing in our blog! We talk about hydroponics, growing in soil, indoor gardening, organics and more! If you are a visual person or prefer a classroom setting, visit the store or check out our scheduled classes! 
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We hosts several events throughout the year. Our most popular events are the seed/plant swaps and the Free the Plant fundraiser. We also teach classes and host guest speakers. The best way to get the latest information on these events is to sign up for our email list, or follow us on social media. 
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Join our email list! We send out a monthly email that includes gardening tips and tricks, sales announcements and event information! If we send out any more than the monthly email, it's an important one! 
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