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Our mission at Urban Horticulture Supply is to educate our community about the most effective and efficient means of growing natural, healthy, life-giving agricultural products. Whether you have a single house plant, or are coordinating a large-scale, industrial operation, UHS provides you with the knowledge, support and success needed for your growing vision to bloom.


Don’t waste your time trying different methods for growing clean, organic products. With more than 30 years of combined agricultural experience, let us teach you about hydroponics, organic gardening, sustainable agriculture and industrial hemp. We have all the tools you need to grow healthy and delicious food for you, your family and friends, including:

  • Indoor and Outdoor Growing Supplies
  • Organic Amendments and Nutrients
  • Harvest and Storage Solutions 
  • Hydroponic and Aquaponic Equipment

At UHS, we know and closely work with top vendors and their quality products to ensure your success.

We are ready to handle your need.

Horticulture is a delicate mixture of art and science. It can take a lot of research to find just the right products and create an environment to make your growing experience a success. We’ve done the research to provide you with the equipment, education and agricultural services specific for your grow. 

Whether you’re a large-scale, commercial grower, or a family that simply wants to eat cleaner, healthier food, UHS is here to serve you. We will be as involved in your operation as you need. We can provide you with products, equipment, and agricultural-based service programs to help you install and organize your growing operation.


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