Using technology to get the best yield at your farm

As a farmer, you know just how important it is to get the right balance for your soil. But what if you could leave the soil behind for a cleaner, more efficient system? Hydroponic farming is a soil-free system that relies on moist, nutrient-dense mediums. Highly efficient and well-suited to organic techniques, hydroponics are the future of farming, and no one is more prepared for this exciting future than Urban Horticulture Supply.

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Improve Your Efficiency With Hydroponic Farming

Ready to grow more produce faster, cleaner and with fewer pests? Hydroponic farming is the efficient system for which you have been looking. You’ll use fewer pesticides and herbicides when you make the switch to hydroponics, and harvesting will be easier and cleaner than ever before.

Hydroponic systems also give you the peace of mind to take a more hands-off approach to farming. Traditional farming is labor-intensive and puts a serious toll on the body, which can limit your ability to continue farming in the future. With hydroponic farming, you have more control over your crops and can even set up automated systems that you can control from your phone.

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Conserve Space And The Environment

Urban and suburban farms don’t have the luxury of endless fields and wide-open spaces. You can maximize the efficiency of the space that you have by installing hydroponic systems that take up less room and provide greater yields than traditional farming. These systems even work great on rooftops or in whatever small spaces you have available.

These systems work great on rooftops, basements or in whatever small spaces you have available.

A Worry-Free Approach to Hydroponic Farming

Making changes is never easy. Maybe you feel hesitant to completely switch up how you run your farm. It’s understandable that you have some concerns, but don’t let those worries hold you back from moving forward.

Our company is staffed with hydroponic experts who understand the ins-and-outs of this technique. Hydroponic farming might seem complicated at first, but we can ease this process by helping you with learning the new terminology, familiarizing yourself with new equipment and adjusting to quicker growing cycles.

When And Where To Best Find The Support You Need

Urban Horticulture Supply has the resources you need to get started in the exciting world of hydroponic farming. You can also stop in our store to find supplies that support your current hydroponic operation or to receive ongoing support from our experienced staff.

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