Hydroponics at Home

It’s All In The Name

Hy●dro●pon●ics (noun): The science of growing or the production of plants in nutrient rich solutions of moist, inert material instead of soil.

Hydroponics literally means “working water.” The name and the technique are nothing new—it’s actually a Latin-based word! Hydro, meaning water, and ponos, the word for labor, come together to describe this amazing gardening technique.

Home hydroponic systems let gardeners cultivate plants without soil. If you have limited space or are looking for an innovative technique, you can grow your own produce, herbs and more in a liquid nutrient solution without dealing with any soil.

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Why Home Hydroponics?

The process uses less water, increases your growing space and uses fewer unwanted chemicals. With this type of system, you can expect to:

  • Use up to 80% less water than in a traditional soil-based garden
  • Plant four times as many plants than you could in soil
  • Grow plants quicker than ever
  • Enjoy a cleaner, more effective gardening experience that respects nature

Easing Into High-Tech Gardening

You can think of using home hydroponics like planting a seedling—it starts off small but eventually grows into something much bigger and more productive. You don’t have to go “all in” right away. We understand that you need time to get comfortable with a new type of gardening, and transitioning away from soil can take time and effort.

Luckily, practice makes perfect in anything worth doing. Your smaller setup will give you the opportunity to try out new methods and mediums until you find the perfect approach.

You’ll Never Be Alone

From your first setup to your transition into a fully hydroponic garden, we’ll be there from start to finish. Don’t worry about leaving behind your support system either. When you visit Urban Horticulture Supply, you’ll build ongoing relationships with our staff. Come by the store any time to pick up your favorite fertilizer, discover new products, and get ongoing support, advice and education from our friendly experts. You’ll never struggle to select the right supplemental lighting or nutrients when you have the right help.

We also know that your time, effort and dedication to home hydroponics is valuable, and we’re honored to work with home gardeners who are as passionate as we are. That’s why we give every home gardener a $100 gift card for every $1,000 that they spend at the store.

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Home Hydroponics—Easier Than It Sounds

Like with any new gardening adventure, there is a learning curve to getting your home hydroponic system just right. You won’t be alone on this journey though. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff know what it takes to build a thriving hydroponic system that will support your gardening needs. From choosing the best method to selecting the right growing medium, our experts are ready to walk you through the process, and they’ll be there every step of the way.

Establish your own hydroponic system or improve your current methods by visiting Urban Horticulture Supply. Our experts are ready to answer your questions and to share our proven home hydroponics theories.

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