We carry the most popular brands, supplies and sizes that YOU use in your garden.

Growing Light in foreground over growing plants in a tent


Click here for more information on our cultivation lighting options!

Growing Media & Containers

We pride ourselves in offering the largest selection of premium soils, mulch, aggregates and nursery containers in Southeast Tennessee.

gardener picking thyme leaves on balcony

Tools, Accessories & More

The littles things that make you a grower; hand tools, harvest options and everything in-between!

Growing Enviroment

From fans to air conditioning to timers, the growing environment products are all about perfecting your indoor operation.

Grow Tents, Systems & Trays

Here are our top rated and most popular tents, trays and complete hydroponic systems!

Hands holding lettuce grown with hydroponic system


We are licensed and inspected every year to carry a large and always evolving selection of plants.

Plant Propagation, Nutrition, & Health

Food, propagation, and pest and disease control are all essential to plant health.

Water & Aeration

Here you will find all your H20 essentials; irrigation fittings, pumps, aeration supplies, pH & EC meters and accessories! 

Mushroom Cultivation

Our newest category of products. Growing popularity in the mushroom world brought us to be one of Chattanooga's only store to carry such products. 

Bulk Orders and Product Inquiries

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