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Back to the basics

Growing in soil and soilless media has been a practice for a very long time. We carry a very large selection of the most popular potting mixes like Fox Farm, Mother Earth and Pro Mix. We are also a dealer for locally made living soils by Native Soil Company. Needing just single ingredients? We have peat moss, coco coir, perlite, pumice and much more in several sizes!

Soil needs a place to go, so naturally we have a long list of container options. We keep multiple sizes of pots in stock starting at 2 inches all the way to 50 gallons. Have you tried fabric pots? We have those too!

Bulk and Mulch Options

We now offer native aged compost by the scoop. One scoop is just under a cubic yard. We can load into truck beds and trailers. We also are now stocked with mulches, aggregates, top soil and pine bark options. We are your raised bed mix one stop shop.


For bulk order questions, please call us

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