March Madness

Now is the time to start seeds!

Woo, this up and down weather we are having does have me worried about putting anything outside. We do have a few colder crops that can go out and we are seeing tulips, crocus, and hyanthice coming up. Remember to have a cover for cold nights. I do see that were are going to have a few more nights of below 40. Our last frost date here in Chattanooga, TN is April 17th, so a month to go!

March is the gardeners resurgence. Days are longer, daylight savings time is over, and we are starting to thaw out then freeze again and thaw out again, yay Tennessee weather. We have a list of seeds to start indoors and out and we can even put some in the ground! If you haven’t started working your garden yet it’s probably because we are experience the wettest season ever. This is the year to think about fabric pots, with all the rain that we have already received their air pruning technology will help with the long list of problems that come with too wet soil.

Now what can we plant or start?

Start Seeds Indoor

Need Soil Amendments?

We carry several different amendments, fertilizers, and supplements. We can and have bulk sizes. Make a list and give us a call! We have OMRI listed organic available. If you are in drip lines or irrigation we have options for you as well!

I am keeping this one short and sweet. We are excited that spring is here. We look forward to seeing old friends and meeting new ones! Happy March! Keep us busy! You can always call or email us for any questions!

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