Organic Farmers

At UHS we support our local agriculture! We understand that our farmers have a very busy schedule. To make life easier for you we have compiled a few catalogs of organic products so to keep the search of all the different websites easy! Did we mention bulk order discounts? Every farm account receives a discount!

Below you can find the links to the catalog pdf. If for whatever reason, the pdf is not working, please give us a call, or email and we can send you the link!

These catalogs will be updated periodically to accommodate new product listings and price changes. If you are not finding products that are near and dear to you we will be more than happy to inquire more information on obtaining them for you. Again, please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions! 

Click Here!

Organic Amendments Catalog

Click Here!

Organic Pesticides Catalog

Organic Soil Catalog- Coming Soon!

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