Our Story


How Our Company Got Started

Rob Mock founded Urban Horticulture Supply (UHS) in 2017 with a mission to provide high-tech gardening supplies and consulting services for all growers -- including those who enjoy advanced gardening such as hydroponics. Looking to bring a level of accountability and purity to the industry, UHS also specializes in assisting commercial growers, local farm to table, and individuals with planning, organizing, and producing high quality industrial hemp. UHS aims to supply knowledge of, and support for, organic and sustainable agriculture. This remains a primary focus of the company making it the choice specialty agriculture store in Chattanooga.

Get To Know The Primary Members Of Our Team

Whether your operation is large or small, our team is dedicated to providing you with the information and support you need along with improving your chances of success. We believe in the value of getting to know our customers and to the importance of forging strong business relationships. 


Born and raised in Humboldt, CA, Rob has a literal lifetime of knowledge and experience in this industry. He has always had a passion for horticulture and gardening, but he doesn’t subscribe to conventional farming and gardening techniques. Instead, he prefers organic and other alternative growing methods which, he believes, will be standard practice in the future. After working his way to Operations Manager of another company, he decided to branch out on his own and open Urban Horticulture Supply in 2017. In this capacity, he strives to help return farming to small businesses and individuals.

After the passage of state legislation in 2014, Rob began advocating for Tennessee farmers engaged in the research and growth of industrial hemp. When the federal government passed the Farm Bill of 2018 authorizing those activities across the country, he began fervently supporting local farmers through fundraisers and at hemp-based conferences and conventions.

Rob’s passion for organic agriculture and horticulture only grows stronger with time and he is excited to move toward the future with open arms -- and green thumbs!

UHS was fortunate enough to bring Allison onto the team in its first year of business. She is a graduate of Tennessee Technological University with a bachelor's degree in agriculture which allows her to explore the science behind growing plants. In addition to plant science, her degree focused on agribusiness and agro tourism.

Her seven plus years of experience in the growing industry prior to joining the team (which includes working in a research greenhouse throughout college and interning at a 15-plus acre produce farm) prove invaluable. She manages the daily operations of the store and the various indoor and outdoor gardens all year long.

She loves working with the small farmers of Tennessee and hopes to see them thrive with the help of UHS. Allison is also actively involved in community education and travels to local schools to assist and teach about organic agriculture and hydroponics.

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