Rice Hulls – Par Boiled – 50 LB


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Par Boiled Rice Hulls by the bale. PBH Brand Approved for Organic Use

Studies have proven that rice hulls can efficiently replace perlite in your potting soil mixes and is much better for the environment.

Independently heavy metal tested the contents and will only work with PBH for our rice hulls because of how clean they have tested. Beware of cheap rice hulls potentially full of heavy metals.

Parboiled rice hulls are produced by steaming and drying rice hulls after the milling process. This results in a lightweight and consistent product that is free of viable weed and/or rice seed

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50lb Bag = About 7 Cubic Feet Once Expanded

Rice Hulls weigh about 1 lb per gallon.

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Par Boiled Rice Hulls: A Sustainable Soil Amendment

Parboiled Rice Hulls, available by the bale, bring a sustainable edge to your gardening practices. PBH Brand, approved for organic use, stands as a mark of quality, providing a reliable alternative to perlite with proven environmental benefits.

Studies affirm that rice hulls efficiently replace perlite in potting soil mixes while being more eco-friendly. The unique production process of parboiling involves steaming and drying rice hulls post-milling, resulting in a lightweight, consistent product free of viable weed or rice seed.

Our commitment to quality is underscored by independent heavy metal testing. PBH, our trusted supplier, has consistently shown clean results, ensuring your garden thrives without the risk of cheap alternatives potentially laden with heavy metals.

Often used in the nursery industry as a soil topper to suppress weeds and lock in moisture. We recommend a 2 to 3 inch topping of rice hulls for best results.

Practicality meets eco-consciousness with Parboiled Rice Hulls. A 50lb bag expands to about 7 cubic feet, offering ample coverage for your gardening needs. These hulls, weighing approximately 1 lb per gallon, provide a versatile solution for optimal aeration in your soil mix.

For a well-rounded approach, we recommend incorporating around 30% rice hulls for enhanced aeration. For those embracing long-term no-till practices, a balanced mix of Rice Hulls and Pumice or Lava Rock is ideal, ensuring sustained soil health and fertility.

Choose Parboiled Rice Hulls for a gardening experience that transcends tradition. It’s not just about amending soil; it’s about cultivating a sustainable, thriving ecosystem.




50 lbs


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