Farming Is More Than Just A Job


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It’s in Our Blood

You didn’t go into farming for the paycheck or the hours; you have a unique passion for consciously grown, local produce and you are ready to build a legacy in your community! Farming will never be just a job for you -- and no one understands better than us.

Connecting With Local Farmers

Local farmers of the Chattanooga area have unique needs. You need guidance from experts who have experience in your community, not from a random person on the internet who may not even understand the local climate or soil conditions.

We strive to create strong, long-lasting relationships with our local farmers. As we work alongside you to improve and grow your farm, we provide personalized support through both product recommendations and ongoing education from our knowledgeable staff and other experts.

Our theories and methods are based on scientific facts and we’ve tested them again and again to perfect our techniques. You can trust our approaches because we’ve been in your position and we dedicated our time and hard work to get things right. You won’t find this level of dedication or passion at chain hardware or agriculture stores. When you stay local, you get the support you deserve.

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Everything From Organic Products to Hydroponics

We know you care about the integrity of your farm and produce. That’s why we have responsibly sourced products that fit your needs and budget. You can visit our store to find any of the following:

✔ Organic products

✔ Synthetic-free fertilizers

✔ Irrigation systems

✔ Specialty farming supplies

And much, much more

Our Local Farmers Care About The Community

Local farmers provide something that big agriculture just can’t—a sense of community. Chattanooga’s local farms provide high-quality, farm-to-table produce that benefits everyone in the community. From supplying restaurants with seasonal vegetables to making sure that families can access organic produce, our farmers keep us fed and nourished like no one else can.

Urban Horticulture Supply is the ideal place for local farmers to gather, find support and discover the best products that fit their budgets

Let Us Help with Your Grow

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